Transport is provided by the Education Authority. A Bus Escort will be on the bus and therefore responsible for your child’s safe journey to and from school.

If you have any transport problems ring (028) 2566 1370. 

I would be grateful if you would take note of the following procedures for school transport.


1. Morning – When the bus arrives at your home, it is your responsibility to bring/supervise your child to the bus. You will appreciate the bus can only wait a maximum of three minutes for your child. The bus has a tight schedule to keep and other parents are waiting along the line.

2. Afternoon – Transport staff must stay on the bus. The driver will drive the bus and open up the tail lift (if necessary). The Bus Escort is responsible for the children on the bus and is not allowed to leave it.

3. Sickness – Please do not send a sick child to school. If a child becomes sick in school you will be contacted to come and collect your son/daughter. If necessary, emergency addresses will be used.

4. When the bus arrives at your home, it is again your responsibility to meet your child at the bus or supervise him/her.

5. If you have any problems with the transport please telephone Transport on (028) 2566 1370.