Shared Education

Roddensvale School is fully active within the Larne Area Shared Education Partnership.  The schools involved in the partnership include:

  • Roddensvale School
  • Larne High School
  • Larne Grammar School
  • St Killian’s College

Student Voice

We have established a shared Student Council who have developed the vision of the partnership:

Curriculum Development

Through extensive action planning we have secured funding to allow development of Shared Education in various curriculum areas alongside subject specialists from the other schools, including:

  • Religious Education
  • Physical Education
  • Geography
  • Science


One of the major successes of the partnership was in securing the funding to provide 3 staff from Roddensvale with Continuing Professional Development opportunities in Makaton.  We now have 2 Local Tutors and 1 Regional Tutor.  This has brought a new dimension to the partnership whereby pupils, staff and the wider school community can become more inclusive in how they work with young people with additional needs.


Key Contact

MR GRAHAM HAWTHORNE (028 28272802)