Junior School

Roddensvale’s Junior School comprises of classes LK, LW, RG, LG, AN, JM, LWR, AL, COL, GM, JS and HSM. 

The Junior School is made up of pupils within the Foundation level and Key Stage 1 and 2 of the N. I. curriculum.

In the early years the pupils enjoy exploring and learning through play. Formal work is gradually introduced as the pupils move throughout the school. A topic based approach is used to cover the wide range of subjects within the curriculum. Each pupil also has an individual education plan in place, with many strategies being used to allow each one to access the curriculum in a way that best meets his/her style of learning. (see Individual Needs).

If appropriate, pupils also have the opportunity to avail of other experiences, both within school and in the wider community eg. Sports coaching and competitions, gardening, attending events and shows etc.


Key Contacts