Roddensvale School will provide:

  • A broad, balanced and enriched curriculum which has at its core active learning and teaching in small settings for ages 3-19.
  • An Individual Educational Plan for each pupil taking account of their unique special needs.
  • A variety of teaching strategies and differentiated resources to cater for the diversity of learning styles and the individual needs of the students.
  • Activities, experiences and opportunities to develop social and life skills.
  • Provision to enhance and enrich the curriculum.
  • A positive behaviour policy which fosters and develops good relationships.
  • A reward system which promotes individual success and encourages responsibility and adherence to school aims.
  • A Key Stage 4 curriculum based on practical activities and experiences which takes into account the vocational and occupational needs of each pupil.
  • A Transitions Group Programme to further develop the independent skills of pupils.
  • Opportunities for success in both internal and external accreditation.