Nurture Department

The nurture department comprises of classes MD, CG, TM, RMN, RMK.

Information regarding the nurture department will be updated soon. 


This department is for pupils who have profound and multiple learning difficulties. The pupils in this department range in ages 7-19 years old. We follow a sensory curriculum designed to stimulate the senses and so help encourage a greater awareness of the pupils’ surroundings. As a result, the pupils have a varied week to include body awareness, aromatherapy, art, sensory stories, music, TAC PAC, Sensology, walks and massage. All of these activities are designed to give pupils the opportunity to communicate their preferences and respond to a range of engaging and motivating stimuli.

The multisensory department liaises closely with the therapy department to ensure each pupil’s needs are met. All classroom staff in this department are trained in manual handling as well as to meet the various medical needs of our pupils. The classroom is well equipped with an overhead hoist and changing facilities in an adjoining room. Pupils receive input from Physiotherapy and some pupils are on the MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Education) programme. Sensory integration is also carried out in collaboration with Occupational Therapy.

Additionally, pupils enjoy a change of position on the classroom mats, ACHEEVA learning stations, the heated water bed and swing. There is also access to a sensory garden next the classroom and the pupils enjoy getting outside (weather permitting) to enjoy the wind chimes, bubbles and some fresh air. Pupils regularly access the C.A.V.E which offers a unique sensory experience and provides a calming environment for pupils.



MISS REBECCA MCNEE (028 28272802)