We hope you enjoy navigating your way around our site and hopefully gaining an insight into what we aim to achieve at the school.

Our purpose is to provide the most appropriate education for our pupils within a safe and secure environment. We have worked hard to create a shared ethos, providing an educational vision and direction. We are committed to developing a school which meets the personalised learning and emotional needs of every child in our care.

My colleagues and I have drawn upon experience, knowledge and understanding of the issues relating to children with Special Educational Needs. This in turn provides a vision for a realistic, relevant and broadly balanced curriculum necessary for young people to develop, grow and ultimately make the transition to living and working in the community.

We have created a pupil centred institution, which in recognising pupil’s strengths and weaknesses endeavours to fulfil the full potential of the ‘whole’ child. By enabling the school community to feel respected and valued, we have enhanced motivation and performance uniting all those associated with the school, behind a ’shared vision’. We believe recognition of children’s achievements at all levels, should be acknowledged. It is particularly important at a special school that the ‘whole’ child should be celebrated, in addition to academic achievement.

The recent addition of this website should not only provide you with information on the School but also combine with the schools strong emphasis on the positive reinforcement and celebration of achievement.

Thank you
Mr John Madden MBE BEM