The school is situated in the residential area of The Roddens, Larne.

Roddensvale School provides education for approximately 230 pupils with Severe Learning Difficulties. Age Range 3 years – 19 years. The needs of the pupils vary greatly therefore it is essential that each pupil has an individualized educational programme (IEP) The programmes have  specific targets for each pupil and an Interdisciplinary team determines these targets. The pupils follow a broad, balanced and relevant  curriculum (see Mission Statement) which is regularly monitored and evaluated by teaching staff.

The school also has therapists on site ie a Physiotherapist, Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapist. Other staff provide a  variety of activities during the week eg Rebound Therapy, Aromatherapy, Riding, Coaching and Music Therapy.

As part of the school’s strategy to promote Health and Wellbeing, a wide range of physical activities are offered, eg outdoor play, PE,  swimming, etc. Integration both within the school and with Mainstream Schools in the local community for pupils who can cope with and benefit from this experience is encouraged. We also encourage Mainstream Schools to visit and take part in a wide range of  activities, ie work experience, special functions.

The Pastoral Care Policy for the school is an integral part of the whole curriculum. The personal, academic and social development of the pupils is promoted effectively by a close relationship with Class Teachers and Staff. Every possible effort is made to encourage the growth of self-discipline by the school’s Positive Behaviour Policy. The principles of the Team Teach Programme are applied as necessary.