Music Therapy

Roddensvale School has an extensive Music Therapy provision available to all pupils.

Music therapy is delivered in Roddensvale individually through private arrangement with the therapist.  Subject to funding, we can often provide opportunities for group sessions.

The music therapy sessions aim to encourage self expression and development of communication through the use of familiar songs facilitated by the therapist.

After the individual has been assessed the therapist designs a session plan to aid in the movement towards outcomes, goals and objectives. The therapist will use techniques that are structured, sensory, product orientated or improvised sessions depending on the outcome of the group assessment and the needs that are identified.

Music therapy can help to:

  • Improve concentration and attention
  • Improve and help develop vocal sounds and verbal communication
  • Improve social interaction and peer awareness
  • Improve and help develop waiting and listening skills
  • Improve fine and gross motor skills
  • Provide a sensory experience for the child

Music therapy in Roddensvale is provided by Selina Smyth of ‘Music Therapy for Me’.  She is highly experienced in working with children and young people with Severe Learning Difficulties.

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Should you have any queries regarding the provision of Music Therapy in Roddensvale, please contact Selina Smyth directly on 0774 9977549.  Alternatively, contact Mrs Judith Steele (Music Coordinator) who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.