Teaching Staff


Principal – Mr J Madden

Vice Principal – Mrs H Stewart (Designated Teacher for Child Protection)

Head of Junior School – Mrs A Napier (Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection)

Head of Senior School – Mr G Hawthorne (Shared Education  & Entitlement Framework Coordinator)


Nursery – Mrs T Marshall (Monday, Wednesday- Friday), Mrs J Steele (Tuesday)

Class LK – Mrs L Killough (Tuesday – Friday), Mrs J Steele (Monday)

Class AN – Mrs A Napier

Class RG – Miss R Gwynne

Class JM – Mrs J Montgomery

Class SW – Mrs S Waddell

Class MD – Mrs M Donnelly (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday), Mrs H McGowan (Wednesday)

Class GS  – Miss G Scott

Class JB – Mrs J Boyle

Class JK – Miss J Kitson

Class JS – Mrs J Smyth (Monday & Tuesday), Mrs E O’Dornan (Wednesday – Friday)

Class GH  – Mr G Hawthorne

Class MH – Mrs M Humphrey (Monday – Thursday), Mrs J Steele (Friday)

Class RMN – Miss R McNee

Class RMK – Miss R McKinley

Transitions Group – Mr B McAfee